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Jugar Dos Partidos - El Resultado: Muy Bueno

Geplaatst 17 sep 2014 17:56 door Just van den Broecke
We welcome Marcela in Hurley MA2! We are an international team now. My Spanish is shaky (solamente diez leciones) , let alone Catalunian ;-), so will try further in English...Our first two games went very well (muy bueno) in terms of results (5-2 and 5-1 gains against FIT MA1 and Overbos MA1), but we can do much much better given the quality of our team. Still we are growing in each game as proven in the second half against Overbos MA1. So it is fortunate that we are still to meet our strongest opponents in this pre-competition: Amsterdam MA2 and Bennebroek MA1. Apart from our qualities in the field-play, we have a killing penalty corner as shown in the video here...Salir Victorioso!

Córner de penalti - Overbos MA1